Artist Alley Rules and Regulations

What’s included with my Artist Alley Single Table Package?

One (1) 2’x6′ table (draped)Two (2) Artist Alley Badges
Two (2) ChairsOne (1) table number

**Not included with the purchase of your Artist Alley table are the following: walls, extra tables, easels, clothing racks, internet, and electricity.


Exhibit Hours (All PST)

Friday,           October 16, 2020 5:00 PM* ‐9:00 PM

Saturday,       October 17, 2020 10:00 AM*–7:00 PM

Sunday,         October 18, 2020 10:00 AM*–5:00 PM

*Please note: All VIP Attendee Badges will have access 30 minutes prior to opening of the show each day. Please staff your table accordingly.

Move‐in Hours (All PST)

Wednesday, October 14, 2020        1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Thursday,       October 15, 2020        8:00 AM ‐ 9:00 PM

** Friday,        October 16, 2020         7:00 AM ‐ 1:00 PM

** All booths must be show ready by 4:30 PM

Move‐Out Hours (All PST)

Sunday,         October 18, 2020        5:00 PM–9:00 PM

Table Display Policies

We ask all participants to be mindful of their surrounding neighbors. Each year we receive complaints about neighboring artists who are not respectful about the space around them. We want to ensure all aisles and walkways are safe. A little consideration can make a world of difference! Any artists who are non‐compliant to the table policies may be asked to leave.

Adult Material Policy: For SiliCon 2020, adult material will not be permitted. Any items showing pornography and/or nudity will not be allowed to be displayed or sold.

Badges Each table comes with two Artist Alley badges. The badge allows you to have access during set‐up as well as general admission to all events that are not an additional fee.

Body Art, Henna Tattoos Henna tattoos and other work expressing art on a person’s body is prohibited in Artist Alley.

Bootleg Merchandise, Grey Market Goods, and Pseudo‐Merchandise The sale of bootleg merchandise, grey market goods, and pseudo‐merchandise is a serious offense.

  • Bootleg / counterfeit merchandise are defined as items made without the trademark holder’s authorization and are strictly prohibited from SiliCon.
  • Grey market goods, are defined as items manufactured abroad and imported into the US without the consent of the trademark holder and are strictly prohibited from SiliCon.

Pseudo‐merchandise are items that, intentionally or not, directly compete with licensed merchandise available in the Exhibit Hall or elsewhere is also strictly prohibited. Please do your research before getting to work. A general rule to follow is to avoid using fan art of any type on T‐shirts, bags, buttons, stickers, keychains, and like items.

Artists found to be selling bootleg merchandise, grey market goods, or pseudo‐merchandise will be issued a warning and asked to remove the item(s) from the table for the remainder of the convention. Continued breach of contract will lead to immediate expulsion from the Artist Alley and a possible disqualification from participating in future events

Electricity Please contact GES, our General Contractor at (in USA): (800) 475‐2098 ‐ (International Calls): (702) 515‐5970

Food and Beverages: Sales of any food, beverage, or edible products is prohibited.

Goods and Supplies must be on or Under Tables All sale items, goods, and supplies must fit on or under your table. You must keep your own items on your table and not “spill” onto any tables or areas next to you. This includes additional displays, boxes, clothing, etc. Items may NOT be stored on the floor, behind your chair, or against any walls. The pathway behind tables must be kept completely clear. Artist Alley volunteers and Artist Alley participants must be able to pass through aisles to get to the end of the rows unimpeded. Any additional supplies or merchandise must be kept under

Infringement Policy SiliCon has zero-tolerance for infringing content at any of our events. Reproduced artwork that is traced, vectorized, copied, or otherwise altered from another artist and was not created by you, whether as a part or the whole of a work is not permitted. This includes but not limited to:

  • Official Logos
  • Symbols
  • Background Art
  • Pre‐existing Artwork / Images

Selling infringing content is a violation of civil and criminal law. The SiliCon encourages anyone who sees infringing content to report it, whether you are the content owner, an artist, or attendee who notices that something is wrong.

Mass Production-Mass production is strictly forbidden. Artist Alley is not a cheaper alternative to Exhibit Hall, nor is it an easy way to make money off intellectual property that is not your own. Mass production and sale of items by artists in Artist Alley could damage the integrity and threaten the continued existence of Artist Alley at SiliCon. Artists found to be producing and selling items in numbers rivaling those of Exhibit Hall vendors or utilizing Artist Alley in a manner that could potentially damage the integrity and spirit of Artist Alley may face immediate expulsion from SiliCon events.

No more than two Staff members behind a Table at all Times  Only two (2) chairs and individuals may be be-hind the table at any time. You may not bring your own, nor take or borrow chairs from any other tables. Primary artists, subsidiary artists, and helpers must have their own Artist Alley badge to be behind the table. Individuals without an Art‐ ist Alley badge or “borrowing” a badge will be asked to leave.

Pay to Play: Artists are prohibited from any pay‐to‐play activities. Attendees should receive a good for any purchases made.

Proxy Selling Selling the works of a person who is not present and is a registered artist in SiliCon Artist Alley is strictly prohibited. Collaborative works, such as anthologies, would be an exception to this rule.

Sales Policy We encourage original prints, comics, and crafts. We enjoy seeing artists produce new and exciting material every year. Below are guidelines and restrictions on what may and may not be sold in Artist Alley. Any artists who are non‐compliant to the sales policies may be asked to leave.

Sample of a Table Below is a sample picture of what an artist alley table should look like, there are standing flipbooks, laid out on table browsing books, the book stands, sign stands in the back, cubes also in the back with items hanging off them, and so forth. You can also get ideas in the forums about the best ways to maximize your space.

Seller’s Permits : California seller’s permits must be on file with Show Management before you will be allowed to set up. Please submit your California seller’s permit to Plan accordingly and apply for your permit early.‐licenses.htm

Signage and Display Limitations All signage and displays must be less than 7 feet 6 inches (7’ 6”) inches from the floor. Tables at the end of aisles may NOT use stands to display art that spill into the walkway or aisles for attendees’ and artists’ safety. Stands and displays cannot extend beyond the confines of your table. Meaning you cannot display items behind your table, in front of your table or next to your table.

Weapons Sales of weapons are prohibited in Artist Alley.