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2021 SiliCon Guests

SiliCon With Adam Savage is Where Pop Culture, Tech, Science, Makers, Artists, Comic Creators & Authors Collide!

“I’m not a sculptor; I’m a hard-edged model maker. You give me a drawing, you give me a prop to replicate, you give me a crane, scaffolding, parts from ‘Star Wars’ – especially parts from ‘Star Wars’ – I can do this stuff all day long. It’s exactly how I made my living for 15 years.”

Our Passion Behind SiliCon 

Founded in 2014, Silicon Valley Comic Con was the vision of Rick White and Steve Wozniak as they sought to bring together the best of technology and pop culture. Having grown every year since then, Adam Savage joined in 2019 to bring a new dimension to the event which embraced the maker ethos and community. Adam has built everything from theater sets to miniature particle accelerators. From spaceships to animatronic arms. He’s made Rube Goldberg machines, hand props and spacesuits. His online videos have generated over 230 million page views. He’s written for Popular Mechanics, the Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine, and is a published author with his latest book, “Every Tool Is A Hammer.” His program “Mythbusters” produced 270 episodes that aired in over 100 countries for 14 years. We believe in the ability of all humans to create the improbable.  Watch Adam’s Ted Talk below!

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