Who Qualifies For A Media Badge?
  • Working journalists in print, broadcast and digital media on assignment for established publications and media outlets. This includes reporters, editors, and publishers. Film crews and photographers must have proof of assignment.
  • Freelancers must have published or broadcast-related coverage in an established media outlet in the past year on topics related to the event, i.e, science, technology, pop culture, and animation, etc.
  • Blog writers must have created new content within the past three months on topics related to the event. Product giveaways and contests do not qualify. Blog writers may be asked to provide evidence from a data-tracking service (such as Google Analytics or that unique visitors exceed 3,000 per month.
  • YouTube channels must have created new content within the past six months on relevant topics. YouTubers may be asked to provide evidence from a data-tracking service (such as Google Analytics) showing a minimum of 50,000 average monthly views.
Who Does Not Qualify For A Media Badge?
  • Employees of media outlets who do not work in an editorial capacity will not qualify for a media badge including: Advertising Executives, Art Directors, District Managers, Graphic Designers, Industry Consultants, Writers for company newsletters and websites, Publishers, Managers, Social Media Managers, Marketing Representatives, Public Relations Personnel, Sales Representatives and Senior Level Managerial staff.
  • Freelancers who have not published or broadcast related stories in the past year and do not have a letter of assignment for the show.
  • Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, forums, communities and user groups will not be considered for press passes.


SiliCon with Adam Savage provides press badges to qualified media who are actively covering the event. All credential requests are subject to approval at the discretion of show management.

SiliCon Media badges are not mailed. Members of the press can pick up their badge at the on-site at the San Jose Convention Center. A government-issued photo ID must be presented to receive a badge and badge holder.